Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mike Is Getting into the Act!

I declared my intention to organize our jumbled kitchen pantry a few days ago. It was designed to be a broom closet, but we have another one of those in the hallway, so we use it for phone books, the food processor, cutting boards, reusable bags, garbage bags, and ziploc bags. We also use it as a repository for library books that need to be returned (by putting them in one of the bags).

It has a receptacle for saran wrap, etc., but the bottom fell out awhile ago and we have not yet fixed it. We rigged a temporary repair by putting a bag inside of it, but it didn't look very nice. It's very hard to find the cutting boards or correct size of ziploc bag because they are buried under all the reuseable bags.

I took Kieran on a "date" this afternoon, and while I was gone, Mike installed some shelves in the closet (which we had owned for several years; they were away in storage) and did some reorganizing of his own! I plan to continue reorganizing the closet--I want to move the phone books (which we use only once a month) and continue refining the organization...but this is a vast improvement. The bags have not returned to their proper space, but I plan to do some sorting and purging first. Mike very proudly showed his handiwork when I walked in the door.

We also plan to repair the saran wrap receptacle to create more useable space. Small thrills for small minds! :)

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