Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Coffee, Tea, or Me?

Seriously, at the rate we purchase tea, that could be the question...

I tackled our tea/coffee/cereal/snack cupboard the other night...the one that always seems to be a complete jumble a few weeks after I organize it.

Yes, Sandra, I know we still have too many vases. I do like to have a lot for the lilacs in the spring though. At any rate, I moved them all to the basement storage because we do not use them on a regular basis (according to my new rule...).

Yes, we have a lot of cereal, too, but my children are cereal fanatics. We seem to have a preponderance of steel-cut oatmeal, too--must eat oatmeal!

Half of one shelf is completely crammed with multiple varieties of tea! Mike's been buying a lot more varieties recently, too, because he's on a new herbal remedy kick to calm his stomach down after the holidays. He does drink a lot of tea...but we seem to have a never-ending supply. I believe we have both committed to not buying any more tea for awhile!!

These before and after photos are not very shocking, but what you can't see is my organization of the cabinet.

All snacks are on the top shelf. The middle shelf contains coffee and cereal. (I thought about moving the cereals down lower so that the kids could help themselves, but Mike said he'd prefer to keep them out of reach so they don't pig out on cereal!)

And the bottom shelf contains mugs, tea paraphernalia, knives, cocoa, and TEA!!!

Perhaps I'll take another photo in 6 months, in the hopes that we will have less tea then! How many varieties of tea can one couple need? :)

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