Saturday, January 3, 2009

January, Week 1: Why Am I Like This?

This chapter poses a number of questions about the way one views time management. I'm paraphrasing these questions; here are my responses:

1. Think back to your home of origin. Were your parents on time or do you remember both of them being chronically late? What specific memories do you have regarding time?

I remember being late to church all the time--in fact, our family had a reputation for our tardy habits! I think it was because we were a family of five, but I can't remember a specific reason why we were always late. I also recall that every time we had a family event, my grandparents and some of my aunts and uncles arrived early, or spot on time. And we were usually late! However, I don't remember being horribly embarassed by this habit, or it being a chronic issue...just to church and family events. I also remember getting annoyed by my sister taking so long to get ready to leave the house (because she took a long time with her hair and makeup!).

2. How were you affected by parental dramas regarding time?

I don't remember one of my parents being responsible for our lateness more than the other, but I do recall that my dad would wait until the last minute to get ready. Leeds poses the question of whether my own time management has any emotional links with my past, and whether I use time now to identify with or rebel against one of my parents. I don't think this is the case for me. I believe that I'm generally an emotionally healthy person and don't have a lot of skeletons in my closet. My area for improvement is to be more present and focused on what I am doing, and make sure I'm using time more effectively. I suspect that I'm very similar to my parents that way, and I know they are curious to read about my journey to a more organized life!

3. Were you a person who was always on time until something happened that derailed your usual modus operandi?

Yes, children! I doubt that anyone would have described Mike and me as unfailingly prompt before we had children, but I'm positive no one would describe us in such a way now! We are somtimes a few minutes late to church and other events. However, I think we do not do too badly considering the fact that we have three active boys!

4. Does it bother you when you are late? Is it possible that you are manipulating time to become the center of attention?

It does bother me when I'm late. On the occasions when I'm late, I am definitely not doing it to attract attention. We actually have been known to be on time or early at times!

In summary, although I do think I have room for improvement in my time management, I don't think that it causes me to be late all the time. That is more likely to be caused by my three children, and getting five people out the door. When I do not have my children with me, I'm on time!

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