Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Discovered: a Fellow Aspiring Organizer!

This new humble blog of mine has attracted two interesting developments:

1. The author of the book I'm using, Regina Leeds, the "Zen Organizer," found my blog and commented here. Very exciting!

2. Today I received a comment from another aspiring organizer, mom of three, and grad student, Jennifer. She is also using the book and blogs about her progress at The Year of Living Obsessively (love the title), Broken Bananas, and Global Mother. Even better: she's an Obama supporter living in Arizona! :) I'm very happy to have a partner in crime, and am hoping we can cheer each other on in our efforts to get ourselves and our families better organized.

Still thinking about a plan to get my kids engaged in (strike that: bribe them to help with) my organizing adventures. That post will be next!

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