Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Clean Counters!

Some of you will recall one of the resolutions I made earlier in the month: to clean my counters every night. (Actually, I said after every meal, but that is a bit unrealistic given our lifestyle.)

Well, I can't say that I've been entirely successful with that resolution, but I do believe that I've made an improvement. It's amazing how much CRAP finds its way to our kitchen counters!!! Usually little game pieces, paintbrushes, felt pens, coins, or other such things. Not to mention food items.

Last night I was going to continue reorganizing my cupboards but decided to really clean the counters and sink instead...so that's what I did, save for the little corner of one counter where a bunch of junk has collected. (That will be tackled next. Tonight has been wasted with perusing inauguration coverage and blogging...)

It's such a lovely feeling to have clean counters!! And tonight, when we go to bed, they will be clean again. Yippee!!

Before the end of the month, I plan to also tackle that windowsill collection of junk and bric-a-brac!

And the forementioned corner of junk...

But not much got done today--was too excited to clean and organize!! :) Oh happy day!!!

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  1. So jealous. Must post a picture of my counters. Why is it such a magnet for junk? I even bought a wall organizer to corral it but it's still all over. I think the answer to the mystery of life lies in conquering the counter crap!