Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Microwave Cabinet--Check!

Regina Leeds lays out January in four weeks: the first two focus on thinking and journaling about time management, scheduling, and list making, and the last two focus on the kitchen. However, I've decided to adapt that plan a bit and work on the kitchen all month long (in addition to pondering my time management habits). Otherwise, I'm afraid I would be cram-organizing during the last two weeks.

My husband has informed me that he would never do it this way. He is a rule follower. I am a rule "adaptor." I will follow rules when they are important, but following the book to a tee does not seem very important to me. The most important thing is for me to organize my space and my life, and the book is simply a helpful means to an end.

Besides, I made a list of all of the cabinets and other areas of the kitchen (and nook) that I plan to organize (and clean), and it is going to take me all month!

Last night I tackled the microwave cabinet...which is where we keep potatoes, lunch bags, large bottles of oil, the popcorn popper and popcorn, a big bag of dried Shiitake mushrooms, and Clif bars, among other things. I cannot remember the last time it was cleaned out! I also cleaned the microwave and toaster oven (which sits on top) and dusted and vacuumed behind and under the cabinet and the stove. I'm surprised I didn't have an allergy attack last night...the dust!!!

Most exhilarating is the task of crossing off one of the items on my list after I am through!!!

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