Saturday, February 20, 2010

Recycling Jewelry and Books

After my trip to Powell's last weekend, I filled a bag with the best of Powell's rejects, my jewelry castoffs, and other odds and ends, and took them off to my local consignment store. I received $56 for the haul. They took all of the cookbooks and much of the jewelry. I found a couple of brand-new Abercrombie shirts for Chris, and a summery top for myself, and I still have money left over.

I put the remainder of the cookbooks on, and I've already posted off about six or seven of them.

Last night I made fresh crab cakes out of Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything, and it was so wonderful to be able to reach our cookbooks easily and find the one I wanted!


  1. Your list of open tasks and your goal to stop multi-tasking is hysterical... That is to say, I'm right there with you only I don't think I'm trying to actually stop multi-tasking. Not sure I, or my household, would survive the week LOL. Oh, and thanks for the link to I've just joined up.

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