Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another day off to clean (am I crazy or what?)

Yesterday the house looked like a tornado had hit it. I was planning to take another day off today to keep up my organizing and cleaning, but so far it's mostly been cleaning!

We got some new (hand-me-down) furniture this week, so we need to move some things around. Mike and I have been tremendously lucky to have received so much of our furniture secondhand! When we were getting married, my cousin's widow gave us all sorts of furniture when she decided to downscale. We've had my grandparents' bed and grandmother's dresser. We have bought furniture for the kiddos and office and family room furniture. But we have some dining room cabinets from my parents and a beautiful cabinet my sister's brother-in-law made. Now my sister and her husband have given us a dresser (that belonged to David's mother) and a beautiful buffet handcrafted by David's grandfather. More places to put things! Yay!

This is what I accomplished today:

  • Cleaned the kitchen (we're back to Day One on keeping the kitchen clean, because of a late-night concert last night)
  • Sorted through Kieran's art cabinet and discarded all dry felt pens and junk--it's now being moved up to the kids' room (and out of the living room)
  • Cleaned the dining room table (which had been piled high with art supplies and other crap)
  • Organized paperbackswap books and other items to post
  • Did various cleaning around the house
  • Got my hair cut (!)
  • Made dinner and cleaned up afterward
  • Found Kieran's valentines by searching the house high and low and no one else could find them
  • Gave the younger boys baths and put all three to bed

Drat! That's not very much, when I write it all down. But at least I have the weekend ahead of me! More to come...

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