Sunday, February 8, 2009

February, Week Two: Get to the Bottom of Your Closet

I was so excited to tackle my closet that I jumped right in before reading the chapter! It seemed to be the best place to start on our bedroom.

Previously, I had two hanging racks for shoes and two two-drawered plastic containers, which contained swimsuits, nylons, belts, and scarves. My pajamas were piled up on the plastic containers, and the floor space (out of sight) had tons of purses and other paraphernalia. The top shelf contained sweatshirts and my wedding dress (in a box)!

After going through my closet and consigning clothes to Goodwill (Regina Leeds asks questions in this chapter about whether the reader has emotional or sentimental connections the clothing one keeps--and this is not really the case for me), I followed her suggestions and sacked the shoe and sweater hangers (which were COMPLETELY covered with dust on top!), and it really freed up the space in my closet. My shoes moved into the plastic drawers, and my sweatshirts, nylons, and swimming stuff are now in containers on the top shelf. I rolled up my pajamas and put them in a basket on the floor, along with my various purses and bags. And the scarves are all contained in a purse on the floor as well.

I got rid of all the cheap wire hangers (as Leeds recommends) as well.

Mike has still not gone through his clothes (or shoes--on the very top shelf), but has promised to do so. Although, I must confess, he doesn't have nearly the amount of clothing I do! On the other hand, most of my clothes in the closet are for work...and he can just wear jeans most days.

I am perfectly delighted with my clean closet!!! And now onto the dresser!


  1. Great great great work! Your closet looks great.

    Question: Where did you get the picture of the book that's on your sidebar? I'd like to do the same, if you don't mind. :)

    Hope you are having a great day.

  2. That looks awesome. I can only hope my after pictures look so good.