Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February: Creating a Bedroom Sanctuary

In the introduction to February, Regina Leeds asks the reader how you would describe your bedroom. Sexy, comforting, nurturing, inspiring, etc.? Well, not so much. I would currently describe my bedroom as messy and cluttered! I am ready to tackle our bedroom using the same organization strategies as I used on the kitchen (which, by the way, is still staying clean--hooray!).

Leeds describes how her parents decorated a bedroom for her when she was a girl, and it was designed to be the type of room her mother had dreamed about when she was young...crystal chandelier, four poster bed, frilly dust ruffle, etc...but Leeds herself didn't like it at all because she never felt it was hers.

The habit of the month for February is simple: to put my clothes away every night before I go to bed. Should be simple, right? In theory...but I think if I create more room in my closet and purchase more hangers, it will be much simpler. Here we go: whee!

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