Friday, February 6, 2009

Closet Chaos

Sometimes I wish I had a nice, big walk-in closet. Our upstairs bedrooms have walk-in closets, but oddly, the master bedroom does not. I'm sort of a closet hog...I have two-thirds of the closet, at least, and poor Mike has a third! But most of it contains work clothes, so I suppose I have an excuse.

During the last two nights, I've been going through my closet, weeding out items to give away. I've identified several skirts I've had for years and have not worn much, and I've also discovered that I seem to have a preponderance of jackets. My most typical work attire is trousers, top, and a there you go. I think, however, that I probably have too I will go back and take another look. I did discard one of the two similar black blazers I own.

I followed Regina Leeds' advice and took down my hanging sweater and shoe dividers, which created a lot more room for my jackets! (Leeds does not like the hanging trouser holders, either, but I'm keeping those--I do find them to be a space saver.) I also got rid of all the cheap wire hangers that have come from the dry cleaners.

I'm putting away my swimming stuff to the very top shelf in the back, since I don't use them often. And I put all my scarves in a bag, and my nylons and tights in plastic containers. This freed up space in the plastic bins on the floor...for my shoes. Let's hope that puts Nicholas off the scent for awhile!!

I should be able to finish the closet by tomorrow and be able to move onto my dresser next. Already, the closet is looking better!!

In the meantime, I'm off to make chicken tortilla casserole for friends who are visiting from Washington my still-clean kitchen!!! :)

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