Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February, Week One: Bedroom Questions (continued)

My blogging friend Jennifer has very bravely posted photos of her bedroom. I'm not quite as brave of that. I'm going to wait until I have cleaned and organized areas of my bedroom before I post photos.

But I still have a bit of writing to do before moving on. I still have to make a plan. I'm supposed to list all the improvements and changes I'd like to make in my bedroom. First, I will list what I can do this month, and next, I'll list the things I will do over time. So here we go:

This Month:

1. Go thoroughly through my closet and designate which clothes to donate

2. Go through the dresser and do the same

3. Clean out my closet and reorganize

4. Clean and organize the inside of my dresser

5. Clean the top of my dresser

6. Clean the floor on my side of the bed (I have quite the collection of books and magazines!)

7. Clean out my bedside table

8. Clean the remainder of the floor

9. Help Mike go through his clothes (hint, hint, honey!)

10. Help Mike go through his side of the closet

11. Clean Mike's bedside table

12. Thoroughly dust the room, including baseboards and windows

13. Vacuum

14. Clean the closet doors

15. Wash all the bedding

And Later:

1. Buy a new bedroom set

2. Paint the walls

3. Rip up carpet and decide on flooring

Leeds asks the reader to think about the location of his or her clothing. Is it tossed onto the floor, or draped over a chair? (Confession: Sometimes I drape my clothes over my closet rod because I don't have enough spare hangers accessible to hang them all up.) What else besides clothing is stored in my closet? Shoes, pantyhose, scarves, purses...and clothes to take for dry cleaning or mending. Is there space in my closet or is everything smashed together? Smashed together. I'm already looking forward to applying organization principles to my closet!! Do I have multiple wardrobes in my closet because my weight fluctuates? Thank God, no...although I do generally store my out-of-season clothing in the attic.

And finally, Is the closet floor a shoe graveyard? Now that is indeed a very interesting question...

...Because this little adorable gentleman has recently developed a women's shoe fetish. I have one of those hanging shoe containers in my closet (Regina Leeds highly encourages her readers to reconsider the use of those things, because she thinks they take up too much space)...and Nicholas daily takes out my heels and tromps around the house in them.
Yes, a two-year-old cross dresser. Progressive parents that we are, this is not alarming to us. I mean, can you blame little boys for realizing that women and girls have much better clothing and shoes??? Boys and men's clothes are SO boring! And the shoes don't make nearly as much of a satisfying clomp on wooden floors as pumps do.
So at any rate, I am having a horrible time keeping my shoes organized...and even located in my bedroom. They are ending up all over the house. Yesterday Mike had to keep Nicholas from wearing my boots to go to the grocery store. (I thanked him profusely for that!)
So one of my goals in my bedroom organization will be to put my shoes out of reach somehow. Yes, I will be taking away all of his fun! I might still let him wear my shoes occasionally, but one pair at a time!
Okay, so enough pontificating. Onto the fun part: going through my clothes and purging!


  1. My closet is my downfall! I am doing okay in our new walk-in closet, but I'm already starting to drape items over the shelves, on the back of chairs...anywhere except where they are supposed to be! As soon as the downstairs is unpacked I'm tackling our bedroom. Even though I haven't started the year to an organized life yet, I'm anxious to incorporate the principles into my life and home.

  2. You could buy him his own little dress up shoes. No one has to know. And I didn't feel brave as much as honest. If it had been as messy as it usually is I would not have posted pictures. We're just lucky we had to clean the floor a little in order to get the new bed delivered.