Sunday, January 2, 2011

Making and breaking resolutions

Day 2 of 2011, and I thought I'd already broken one of my resolutions, but upon further reflection, I guess I didn't. I've found a way to help meet another resolution, and I've added one more!

How I nearly broke one: my visiting mother-in-law offered to take us all out to dinner to our favorite Chinese restaurant, Shanghai Noble House. We've been going there since Chris was a baby, and it's truly like "Cheers," where everybody knows our name. We hadn't been there for a long time (because we are trying to eat healthier), but it was like old home week. They brought us extra crab meat rangoons, free soup, and free almond cookies. Talk about a warm welcome. The food is not the is the case with the yummiest Chinese food. I can't resist the General Tso's Chicken or the Honey Prawns, although we also ordered some seafood and vegetable dishes and Moo Shoo Chicken, which comes with lettuce wraps (a bit healthier!). I was feeling guilty about eating Chinese food on Day 2 of trying to eat healthier, when I realized that my resolution was not to eat healthier, but to write down what I ate. As a result, I did not order beer with my meal...and I was more careful about portions. It still wasn't a particularly healthy meal, but I'll get back on track tomorrow. (And I'm NOT going to taste the almond cookies!)

How I found a way to help with one: I registered on the online financial site,, which synchronizes with your credit cards, investments, and checking account. I also have an iPhone app for it. So once I get the hang of the site, it will help me TREMENDOUSLY in tracking our spending...since we use credit cards or checks for most of what we spend. We also need to be more religious in giving the kids their allowance in cash rather than IOUs...hear that, honey?

How I decided to add a new one: I did not have my best parenting moment today. I lost my cool at the mall, when I should have counted to 10 (or 100) and considered how I would react to a parenting challenge. In the heat of the moment, I sometimes forget the impact my words or tone have on my kids. Chris made a mistake today, but so did I. I apologized and told him that I would try really hard not to overreact in the future. So one more resolution. I think I'd better post these in a few prominent places to remind myself! This one is probably even more important than painting the bathroom. :)

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