Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm certainly not giving up my comforter!

Take a gander at this completely ridiculous article in the Wall Street Journal, no less.

The author, Sara Ruffin Costello, proposes that we all throw out our comforters and replace them with blankets.

HELLO? It's the bleak midwinter in most of the country! Where does Costello live? Even Florida is experiencing record-low temps right now.

As Costello writes, "Many aesthetes have been reconsidering the down comforter, some banishing it altogether." A set of sheets and a "coverlet" (such a snob...) just do not do it during the cold weather.

And I've never had a smelly comforter. Makes me wonder what on earth she has done to hers.

Her last words are that "Housekeeper or not, I shan't be revisiting my ex, Duvet, unless I find myself in a house without heat." Ironically, the link to the article right below this one is titled "See Energy Steps to Take for a Less Pricey Winter." How about using a fluffy, warm comforter instead of a thin blanket?

P.S. Just took a peek on Google for the author. Apparently she and her hubby put their VERY STYLISH west village townhouse on the market earlier this year for $13 million. Now, does this look like a warm, cozy, inviting bed? I think not.

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