Monday, March 16, 2009

Slow-down in My Organizing!

I have to confess that I've hit a bit of a wall in my organizing efforts. I've been extra busy at work and have been working at home in the evenings and on the weekend, preventing me from tackling my study!

Combined with the fact that we will be gone for 9 days for spring break, I think it's nigh impossible that I will finish the study during March. I might have to spend 2 months on the study, which would be okay considering the fact that April is "bathrooms," and I already did a lot of cleaning and organizing in our bathrooms last winter. (Although painting the bathrooms is another project altogether!) I know that this would not suit my husband or my friend Shelia, who are serious rule followers. But this is my blog and my year of organizing, so there! ;)

On Friday we are leaving for spring break--we are going up to Vancouver Island, BC, for a week...with one night in the Seattle area sandwiched on either side. We have a house on the water, about 40 minutes outside of Victoria. I can't wait!!

Tonight was another evening of working on the laptop, keeping me from cleaning and organizing. I am hoping that I can get in at least a few more evenings this week before we are off on our adventures.


  1. Have a wonderful Spring break. A week on the water sounds marvelous!!! How great that you have a house to go to on breaks. And what amazing childhood memories for the boys to have as they grow up. I've never been up there but have always wanted to go to Victoria Island. I have an aunt who lives there and since I have always thought of her as my exotic aunt, Victoria Island has an exotic air to it in my mind. You're right in your comment on my blog...I need to live by the water.

    Maybe a break before tackling the study will be a good thing...rejuvenating, revigorating. I know that I would need one before tackling our den. I am getting better with getting rid of clothes and shoes (just got rid of a BIG box of shoes) but anything even remotely connected to paper is a major struggle for me to deal with. I'm trying to make everything we own readily accessible which is turning out easier than I thought...with the exception of paper!

  2. Take a deep breath!

    If you have to take a month off it's not a big deal. Just be sure during that month, you do keep up the organization you have accomplished. In other words let it be a true intermission...not the reason the entire effort collapses.

    If you finish next January or February, what does it matter?

    I believe in you!


  3. Have a great trip! Sounds like so much fun. I'm still plugging away here in my little office space that is in our living room. I hope you have a great break.