Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I can't post any photos yet because the room is still a mess...but the bookshelves are highly organized! We now have two bookcases for fiction, and two for nonfiction. They are roughly arranged into the following categories:
  • writing
  • spirituality
  • women's issues
  • home improvement
  • gardening
  • crafts
  • travel
  • parenting
  • cooking
  • politics
  • fiction
  • memoir and biography
  • general nonfiction
  • library books
We've offloaded so many of our books (they are in bags and boxes ready to be sent off via, taken to the church library, or donated), we actually have quite a bit of empty space on our bookcases. A miracle!!! Maybe we will move more of our cookbooks downstairs. I really could get rid of more of our cookbooks!

I love cookbooks, but the reality is we often use the same ones over and over again. And nowadays I also look recipes up online--sometimes that's faster than poring through cookbooks. Maybe when the study is clean, I will be more likely to look in cookbooks I haven't used much before, because they will be easier to access!

I notice that I tend to prefer cookbooks with pictures in them. I told my mom that the other day, and she said that she prefers cookbooks without photos, because they can fit in more recipes. But I guess I'm a highly visual person. I always prefer visuals!

Well, enough time on the computer--I'd better get downstairs and put in some organizing time tonight...


  1. I worked on, with help, the homeschool cupboard and bookshelves today. It looks great. Watch my blog for pictures coming soon!

  2. I have to admit, though, that I like the pictures as well and have succombed to buying some beautiful cookbooks! Mom