Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bye Bye, Cross-Stitch Quilt I Never Finished...

Poor, neglected blog. I haven't shown you any love for the past 2 months.

Here are a few things from my organized life lately:

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a beautiful leather bench/coffee table from Costco, and I reorganized (and purged) Nicholas' toys in the living room. Most of them are now contained in the bench (when they are properly stowed), except the train table and big fire trucks and fire station. The corner of the living room looks vastly improved.

I've also continued to work on the study. On my other blog, I set myself some homework at the beginning of the school year:

Clean the study so that I can see and walk around on at least half the floor space (and not trip over anything!) (this is only the first task of the great study-cleaning project, which is the first essential step to getting back into my organized life year)
The other night I accomplished a lot in the study...but the work continues. I was able to sweep out the last remaining cupboard space and put more stuff away off the floor (primarily boxes of frames and artwork, which need to be dealt with later, and more endless art supplies).
I also organized all of our greeting cards, stationery, and thank you cards. When I was young, I collected stationery and was up to 110 different varieties at one time. Although I no longer have that much, I still have a weakness for pretty paper and cards. I also organized our thank you and blank card stash, since my husband is a thank you card NUT! (Sorry, honey--I say that in the most affectionate way.) I've been trying to get him to stop buying thank you cards because we have so many blank cards. Now I've put all suitable thank you cards in ONE box, so they should be easy for him to find.
Most difficult of all, I packed away a cross-stitch baby quilt that I had 1/3 finished. I believe I was working on the quilt before I got pregnant with Chris, or maybe when I was pregnant with him--I can't really remember. The idea was that it would be for my baby someday. Ha! Three babies later, and no quilt. I haven't done cross-stitch for years, and now I've taken up knitting (sort of). It was time to cut the cord.
It was still stretched out over the big wooden embroidery hoop. I finally decided that I need to give both--unfinished quilt, pattern, and supplies--and hoop to Goodwill. I'm hoping that someone will think it's a find. (I wonder if my mother-in-law wants it--Olga? It's a Daisy Kingdom pattern...)
I had a hard time designating it to the Goodwill bag (dark and opaque so my children cannot see what's in it), but it had to be done.

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