Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Purging, donating, and giving away!!

In addition to the 350 pounds we took to the dump earlier this month, we have also disposed of:
  • A box full of alcohol and wine, including a fancy bottle that someone gave to us and Mike was hoping to save for the day he got published...turned to vinegar!
  • More kids' books--posted to, taken to the consignment store, donated to friends with a 1-year-old, and donated to the school rummage sale
  • Two strollers, a high chair, a play yard, and a crib (given to a friend)
  • Old dresser and wardrobe (that once held my own baby clothes!), given to the same friend when she saw them in our garage and asked us what we were going to do with them
  • A bike trailer...which we bought at a neighbor's yard sale YEARS ago and never used...our neighborhood has so many darn hills that it's hard to imagine being able to huff and puff up one of those hills hauling a bike trailer behind, Nick would rather ride his own bike now (given to the same friends with the 1-year-old, who live in a flatter, more bike-friendly neighborhood!)
We need to find a place to dispose of a pair of cross-country skis, which Mike acquired at a church rummage sale and has never used. They will probably be going to Goodwill.

Our garage is looking AWESOME. It's not completely photo ready yet...but soon I will post before and after photos.

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